Undraping all hesitations!!

She stood in front of the mirror, the satin petticoat hugged her slender waist sexily as it curved downwards, plastering herself to her body contour, hugging her hips snugly and then falling straight down. Her fitted golden sleeveless blouse covered her breasts tightly with not an inch to spare as a tiny cleavage peeping out [...]


A monsoon night’s saga

The rains pelted inconsistently. As usual news of the city drowning started pouring in from all sides. She sat at her window, a cup of hot tea, warming her hands as she stared out of her window. New to this city, she knew how people panicked and rushed about but she loved these rains. Unpredictable, [...]


The fire dancing in her soul... Surrendered to the inevitable darkness... Frozen dangerously to icy cold madness... Unrelenting and unforgiving... Refusing to give in or surrender... Till she finally felt she was at home!! The flames danced in abandon, the wood crackling as she sat in complete silence staring. Were they mocking her for her [...]

Trekking tales

Babe, I said excitedly to the bestie, we’re going trekking this Saturday! But where and why, answered the sleepy voice. Somewhere near Panvel and because the owner of the trekking company is super cute. The voice brightened up, yup, good reason to go. So what do we wear? Saturday dawned to us super excited, ever [...]

A Mum’s Holiday

I’m so tired with the housework, the baby is driving me mad When will I get my much needed break, I need a holiday so bad Everyone’s forever hungry, messed up or dirtying the loo I’m so done with cleaning the house, cooking or washing off the poo Daddy buried safely in the newspaper, realising [...]

English Winglish!!!

Oh, the lure of setting foot on foreign lands, of experiencing the old and new What binds this globe together is probably spoken English but known to few How don’t you let out a chuckle when a hotel in Yugoslavia claims “The flattening of underwear with pleasure is the job of the chambermaid." The helpful [...]

And then the sun set…

Her ever smiling face, hid all signs of anguish, but this one too hard to tackle... She had no choice but to complain I can't take it anymore, the teary voice said setting off my heart racing My strong iron woman seemed full of pain A visit to the hospital ensued, needles pricked relentlessly, a [...]