LIVE…Slice of life and more…

It must have been love || Rise conquer repeat || To my lover who I’ll teach my heart never to love  ||Pondichery pondering…solo cause YOLO||River of dreams:Let’s stay afloat || Bombaywala dil Mumbai meri jaan

LOVE…poetry that comes from the soul

Amo l’amore…I love love || Ma || The runaway waves|| Live Love Laugh ||

The elusive flight ||The last goodbye || The gypsy child ||

Gentlewomen in this crazy world!!! || The Pink crown || What if…||My pot filled with the rainbow


LAUGH…the sweetest sound in the world…

For my friends, buddies and baes!!

LUST…desires, sin, wants and more!!

The Earthen symphony… Ch:1 Blinded by desire || Ch:2 New beginings

The 7 who burned…sin of wrath || The 7 who burned…sin of envy

The 7 who burned…sin of pride || The 7 who burned…sin of sloth

The 7 who burned…sin of greed || The 7 who burned…sin of gluttony

The 7 who burned…sin of lust

Hungry eyes || Black magic woman ||Wild women do || Will love you till the end!

I just called to say…Happy birthday ||Lust thy neighbor: Ch 1 For whom the bells toll


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