River of dreams…lets stay afloat!!

In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep From the mountains of faith, to a river so deep I must be looking for something, something sacred I lost But the river is wide, and it's too hard to cross And even though I know the river is wide I walk down every…Read more River of dreams…lets stay afloat!!

Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Mili lay sprawled on the sofa, dressed in her drabbest shorts, making the most of her Sunday, TV playing her favorite show, remote lying on the ground. The coffee mug sat half full on the table as did a banana peel which had constituted her breakfast. Last night was crazy and fun but it left…Read more Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Pondicherry ponderings…Solo cause YOLO

You’ve been calling my name since oh so long Flirting and teasing, serenading with a song I tried to resist, ignore what you had to offer But you won in the end, and filled up my coffers A whirlwind romance, a crazy fling I’d label it not You stay embedded forever in my childlike heart!!…Read more Pondicherry ponderings…Solo cause YOLO

For my friends, baes and buddies

They tease and taunt and chew your brainsTrouble you no end, act so stupid and insane You wonder where maturity hid in their case Did adulthood never participate in their chase Your rolled up eyes at all stupid ideas and jokes They the one who cover your secret smokes After convincing you that its all…Read more For my friends, baes and buddies