The crazy drops of happiness!!

The deadly heat continues filling up each pore…

Stinging and burning, ridiculing what’s sore

The drought filled eyes, neither react nor bother

The unwelcome tears just suffocate and smother

The brain completely numb, lies blissfully incoherent

As the restless nerves of the body dance in discontent

Amidst this chaos, the heart never stops looking for hope

Aware the insane dance of madness is a never ending soap

All these are just phases, seasons which come on cue

A few drops of happiness and all will soon be new

The mocking clouds never forget to tease and torment

Knowing fully well, they can end this painful torrent

And finally when it becomes to too unbearable to bear

They pour them down in all fury to then mend and repair

The eyes fill up with happiness as the nerves settle relieved

The brain awakens in anticipation, happy it was short lived

These crazy drops of happiness fill up the soul with peace

The heart smiles all knowingly, it’s time for grief to cease

These mischievous impish droplets wash away all feel of pain

Oh, blessed are we to be renewed by these happy drops of rain!!




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