Undraping all hesitations!!

She stood in front of the mirror, the satin petticoat hugged her slender waist sexily as it curved downwards, plastering herself to her body contour, hugging her hips snugly and then falling straight down. Her fitted golden sleeveless blouse covered her breasts tightly with not an inch to spare as a tiny cleavage peeping out... Continue Reading →


Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Mili lay sprawled on the sofa, dressed in her drabbest shorts, making the most of her Sunday, TV playing her favorite show, remote lying on the ground. The coffee mug sat half full on the table as did a banana peel which had constituted her breakfast. Last night was crazy and fun but it left... Continue Reading →

Amo l’amore… I love LOVE!!!

Her soul springs up words  like a fountain full of jewels Her heart binds the words together, rhymes of pretty pearls No poet is she, just an eternal believer of selfless love Amo l'amore she can never just have enough Resilience keeps together the tangled web of fate Eyes sparkling, her generous heart her biggest trait Lust, desire, deciet,... Continue Reading →

The earthen symphony…Ch: 1 Blinded by desire!!

Another unfinished piece! It frustrated him. It had repetitively started feeling like a pattern now. Like he would start making love to the moist, luscious, needy mud in his skilled hands but somehow his love and attention lacked the passion it required to ignite the fire in the belly of the lifeless earth. The foreplay... Continue Reading →


In the sea of malice envy frequently gets out of her depth; and whilst she is expecting to see another drowned, she is either drowned herself or dashed against a rock. GIOVANNI BATTISTA BASILE, The Pentamerone The bedroom smelled fragrant, light scented candles burning at various places. Fresh flowers placed here and there. It was... Continue Reading →


Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts a person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom The enigmatic aging diva lay sprawled on her couch, dressed in a ravishing lavender dress, waiting for the young genius filmmaker to walk in. He had taken the entire community... Continue Reading →

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