Tissue Paper relationships!!!

We live in a world where we all want to achieve more, live more, love more, desire more and create our own individual universe to strengthen our foothold. And in order to attain all this, we firmly convince ourselves that it is most important to love ourselves first. We are bombarded with forwards, and messages... Continue Reading →


Ye pretty Dreamcatcher…

Be not a tangled web of disillusionment, sadness or despair Unravel those dead threads, dissolve them in the free air Let not the faded memories still feature in my rainbow They've lived their due life, my time now is bright yellow My dreams deserve to soar high, too frisky to be caught Unshackle them from the... Continue Reading →

It must have been love…

It must have been love but it’s over now  From the moment we touched to the time I ran out…                                                                                     Roxette One song which has stayed on my playlist forever played again today morning, while taking a walk on this chilly last day of November…the onset of December already filling my heart with joy... Continue Reading →

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