Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Mili lay sprawled on the sofa, dressed in her drabbest shorts, making the most of her Sunday, TV playing her favorite show, remote lying on the ground. The coffee mug sat half full on the table as did a banana peel which had constituted her breakfast. Last night was crazy and fun but it left…Read more Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Gentlewomen in this crazy world

Fuck goes the tongue and ping beeps up the brain You can't use cuss words, girls are always trained The fun journey begins when you grow much older Education goes for a toss, you end up carefree and bolder Fuck means fuck and we don't care a damn It's our life dudes, we'll say whatever…Read more Gentlewomen in this crazy world

Valentine wishes to thee!!

For all the single princesses who feel they are not deserving or worthy, a very Happy Valentine's day. Your King is busy building your kingdom for you, cause you deserve the best!!! The burning rejection you felt don't mean you need to cry Those who don't fit in your aura, deserve no pearls from your…Read more Valentine wishes to thee!!