The pink crown!!

Love lies not in the hearts but in these pink spangled skies Laughing at the waves with joy shining in thier eyes Myriads of colours fill its soul with bliss The blues all dark and light, the pink gives it a kiss The lush green trees stand in all contentment The waves dance around in [...]


Amo l’amore… I love LOVE!!!

Her soul springs up words  like a fountain full of jewels Her heart binds the words together, rhymes of pretty pearls No poet is she, just an eternal believer of selfless love Amo l'amore she can never just have enough Resilience keeps together the tangled web of fate Eyes sparkling, her generous heart her biggest trait Lust, desire, deciet, [...]

The runaway waves!!!

The rocks stand still forever, waiting for love since eternity The sand nubile and slippery, tease the lover with serenity The shells try hard to get noticed, prettying their delicate face The wind keeps flirting passionately, serenading all the way The magic of this symphony so beautiful is sadly forever enslaved The culprit in this love [...]

The Gypsy child

The fluttering of those restless wings dancing to the tunes of the heart that beats so wild Love has always been her constant companion Fueling the empty stores of the wild gypsy child She craves and yearns for warmth and excitement Knowing it oft leads to tears and despair But for the irreplaceable moments of [...]

Gentlewomen in this crazy world

Fuck goes the tongue and ping beeps up the brain You can't use cuss words, girls are always trained The fun journey begins when you grow much older Education goes for a toss, you end up carefree and bolder Fuck means fuck and we don't care a damn It's our life dudes, we'll say whatever [...]

The Last Goodbye

They ask you to forget, to let go, just move on To not dwell in the past, not to cry for what's gone But how do you forget the way it made you feel The fragrance which creeps in like a thief out to steal The touch of those hands, the caress and the warmth [...]

The elusive flight

The flight refused to happen as her hopeful eyes dimmed dry Her soul yearned for the freedom of feeling the endless sky Day after day she vowed to let not the dream fail Hoping to achieve the much desired and elusive sail The stones cut her feet with every jump of her step Eyes smarting [...]