My pot filled with the rainbow!!

The day seems somehow brighter

Sun shining warm, spreading the golden glow

The air seems singing the happy song

Feels like I found the pot at the end of the rainbow 

What seemed like dark morose cloudy days

Are wondrously filled with a shine so bright

When it seemed hard to light even a single lamp

Now my whole world is filled with glorious light

Hopelessness and despair led to confusions

Doubts my confused heart searched forever in vain 

Till the amazing rainbow revealed it’s many shades

The light showers in the sun washing away all pain

My heart is singing the parody of joyous dreams

The light seemed to have shown me the way

Unanswered questions just unravelled the knots

Happy me, happy smiles, happy seems the day

While I was searching for that elusive golden pot

Which lay buried deep in the colored frames

The rainbow was embracing me in it’s glorious palette 

Filling my life with peace, bliss, joy and gain!! 


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