Lust thy neighbor… Ch:1 For whom the bells toll!!

Mili lay sprawled on the sofa, dressed in her drabbest shorts, making the most of her Sunday, TV playing her favorite show, remote lying on the ground. The coffee mug sat half full on the table as did a banana peel which had constituted her breakfast. Last night was crazy and fun but it left her a zombie today morning. Her head was blasting and throat parched. The t shirt she was wearing had seen better days but it felt the most comfy and there was no way she would discard it. And what the heck, today was her rest day, no laundry, no cooking and absolutely no dolling up. And absolutely no….her thought interrupted midway as the doorbell rang and she wondered, who the heck was that?

She dragged herself out, and ran her fingers through her messy hair as she opened the door and stood in stunned shock. The most sexy looking hunk stood in front of her, white shirt, blue faded denims, backpack on his back, hair flopping on his forehead. Chocolate boy as some would call him but wasn’t chocolate so irresistible. She was unable to react as he gave her a melting smile and asked, Your neighbor’s my sister and she’s not home I guess, would you by any chance have her key? She shook her head in negative as he smiled disappointed, cool then I guess I’ll wait. She kind of started shutting the door wondering why the hell she never knew about her neighbor’s hot brother when he said, can I make a phone call? My battery died… Of course she replied, please come in.

He walked into the room as suddenly she felt her entire house screaming MESSY as she remembered that she still had make up left over from last night on her face. Damn, that kohl created charcoal pools which looked sexy only in films but not on her face. She ran a hand on her face trying to wipe it clean but no avail. He kept the bag down and looked on as she now started trying to find her phone. Damn, where was it? This was embarrassing. She pulled off the comforter lying on the sofa and tried searching for it beneath the cushions as he looked on amused. Where was the damn phone! She hoped she had brought it home. Finally she bent down to see beneath the sofa as her short t shirt rode up as he got a view of her sexy derriere as she recovered the phone from beneath the sofa, sighing in relief.

She started walking towards him and nearly tripped on the remote as he literally jumped in to hold her while she looked on confused while he held her safe. It was almost like a scene from a film as she could smell his after shave and the warmth of his chest and one part of her didn’t want this moment to end, literally playing music in her ears but he straightened her as she got further embarrassed as he took the phone and called his sister, turning towards the window to talk. She quickly tried straightening the mess in the place by roll picking up the banana peel, straightening the cushions while he completed his call.

Thanks a ton girl, she’s on her way, she heard him saying as he turned to see her now bent over her low sofa back, trying to tug out the comforter stuck somewhere.  He grinned amused and said, careful, wouldn’t want you toppling over as just then exactly that happened and she went crashing on the floor. She screamed in pain as he ran down to find her sprawled on the floor, tears stinging her eyes. He quickly bent down to help her as she kept holding her ankle, as he now gently held it, trying to gauge the damage. She had no clue what happened but his touch sent currents tingling on her body. It suddenly felt like her celibate self rebelled against her in full force and demanded that touch to spread all over.

Her tears suddenly dried up as she kind of snuggled into his warm embrace, looking at him as innocently as a puppy with soulful eyes. God, why had she never befriended her neighbor, if only she had known the brother was this hot!! But even worse was, hadn’t she sworn off men after her last breakup so why was her body betraying her in this horrifying manner, that too for a stranger and worse, when she was  such a mess. He simply scooped her up like she was some feather and took her into the bedroom, which was no less a mess. Her lacy black bra lay posing on her bed as her panty accompanied it shyly. Her LBD dangling on a corner while her heels feigned pride on the floor. Her hand went up to cover her  face in embarrassment as his amused eyes took on the scene.

He kept her on the bed and tried to settle her in, then bent behind to stand when without thinking much, she put her hand around his neck and pulled him close and started kissing him like a thirsty traveler in a dessert. He didn’t react for a second but then the intensity of the kiss reached higher as their lips crushed against each other and tongues started playing wildly. Her hands ran crazily in his hair and now he lost his self control as his body pressed against her, now demanding the heat that was radiating from her. His hands moved beneath her thin T shirt to her naked small breasts which were all ready for this onslaught. Her nipples were tight and inviting and now he moved his mouth to take them in as his hands spread all over her back, giving her feelings she had been deprived for a while now.

She  wound her legs around his stomach as he continued teasing and sucking her nipples, while the other hand had moved into her cotton shorts and was massaging her hips. God, this had to be a dream thought she as she was now moaning as his lips and tongue continued working magic on her navel now slowly moving downwards. Her moistness was crying to be noticed as his hands somehow changed directions and moved south and started massaging her arousal as her wetness delighted him. His hardness pleased her strangely as she rubbed it through his jeans. He moaned too as she unbuttoned him slowly and pulling the zipper down, freed him from the tightness and felt him.

Her touch was gentle and he felt himself getting harder as she rubbed him up and down while he continued giving little nips on her neck and shoulders. The heat was  getting too much for both of them as he pulled her t shirt off and took in her naked body, crushing it against his as she responded like a wanton gypsy, arching herself as if offering herself to him.

The tempo started increasing as both couldn’t get enough of each other as their lips and tongues ran crazily over each other’s bodies and soon both were off the clothes as the naked body started entwining like rope, rolling around the bed, without any sense of direction as both played with each other like, untamed fillies. It was a mad dance as lips matched lips and breasts were crushed by the hard chest. Legs entwining and teasing as both were getting further and further aroused. She was completely wet and wild as he was rock hard till he finally decided to take this game into his hands.

He held her directionless hair with his hands and turned her around, pinning her down on the bed, mischief and lust playing in his eyes as she laughed prepared herself for what she wanted as he tightened his grip, leaving her giggling but wanting more when suddenly the bell rang. Fuck, she exclaimed as he entangled himself and she felt the sharp onslaught of pain on her ankle again. Both came back to reality in an instant as he straightened his clothes, passing her the t shirt.

Suddenly the enormity of the situation hit her as she realized what was happening and he went outside, put on his cap, and opened the door while she limped there. Her neighbor Sonya saw him and rushed to hug him, apologizing profusely for not being at home while Mili looked on jealous and angry to why she had to come now. He saw her watching them as mischief filled his eyes again and said, Sonya, you have a really sweet neighbor who took a lot of care of me. Be sure to thank her well. Sonya rushed to hug her now as she nearly fell again causing him to erupt in laughter as he mouthed, we are not done…Laters!!

She watched them leaving as she shut the door and crashed on the couch, wondering what had just happened. She took a big gulp of the coffee which had gone all cold to help her come to her senses. A wicked smile came on her face as she said softly, oh Mr. Neighbor, it might have started as an accident but there was no way this story was going to end like this, cause you see, I’ve been taught forever, love thy neighbor or better still, lust this one!!



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  1. Wanton gypsy …. nice use of words but what caught attention is the minimalist discription of her bedroom… simply amazing… u have grown Multi folds as a writer my friend…. hats off to h

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