Ye pretty Dreamcatcher…

Be not a tangled web of disillusionment, sadness or despair

Unravel those dead threads, dissolve them in the free air

Let not the faded memories still feature in my rainbow

They’ve lived their due life, my time now is bright yellow

My dreams deserve to soar high, too frisky to be caught

Unshackle them from the past, try trapping them there not

Each time the mind wanders to search those familiar eyes

Nudge them to look forward towards the flaming skies

There’s a vast universe which calls my name with a sign

I might have been ignoring it but now’s my turn to shine

So I place my trust in your hands, ye pretty Dreamcatcher

Protect my dreams from those evil eyes, never let it wander

Ye sacred hoops hold the power to distract what doesn’t matter

They absorb and understand the soul’s brainless chatter

Make these thoughts of sadness disappear with the morning light

Let the good spirit dreams find their way to me without a fight

Floating down the sacred feather, let them fill my heart with bliss

So ye pretty Dreamcatcher, now come give my life a kiss!








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