What if…

What if the sweet memory

could forever be erased

What if the heart never knew

the beautiful loving place

What if the warm embrace

never again feels so nice

What if that laughing dimple

never flashes for your eyes


What if all you long for

is just an imaginary façade

What if the gates of Heaven

were actually just wicked claws

What if the pot at the end of the rainbow

Store nothing more than tears

What if happiness you desire

Is sadness cloaked in fears


What ifs stay forever and ever

embedded in the crazy mind

Was it too hopeful or longing,

very eager or just too kind

Was one moment the only reason

to bring on the cold icy gale

Leaving the heart chilled forever

the eyes dry, dim and pale


What if! It will forever be…

a mystery…the elusive what if??

Did it never really matter,

or what it just a stupid tiff

Would it really be so different

if it had been handled well

Or was it heading for doom,

a fading, colorless spell

What if….


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