Old school love 

Na Kajre ki dhaar, na motiyo ke haarNaa koi kiya singaar fir bhi kitni sundar ho…tum kitni sundar ho                                                                                                       -Mohra

And so played the song again, please change the song papa, why are we just listening to this one repeat. He looked at mum, his smile lighting up his eyes, cause this is our favorite song and on our anniversary today, it should be our choice. Mum blushed and her face glowing with her radiant smile. He continued, you know I named her Rashmi, when we got married because….we know papa…Suresh means the sun and Rashmi the flaming rays…she completes you blah blah blah. you’ve told us a 100 times. We feigned irritation but our hearts smiled, now that is what a relationship goal should be. The most diagrammatically opposite people they were but I guess that’s what made it perfect.

She the fair, beautiful, ever smiling, dimpled overweight lady who had always been trying to lose weight but all he had to say was I’m happy the way you are, cause there’s so much more to love you. She on her part was his friend, confidante and lover. Not that they never fought, but each fight strengthened our belief that they were meant just for one another. Cause to make up, our love birds would disappear, on dates or trips to make up for that time.

Fate made life difficult for them, he fell sick but she didn’t give up. The spoilt, pampered, child woman changed roles and mothered and tended for him when even the doctors had given up all hope. I won’t let you go, said the fighter in her as she pulled on, helping him battle against all will. But 13 years later, tired he pleaded, let me go Rashmi…I’m exhausted…take me with you said she, cause I can’t survive here alone. But what will our girls do my love, cause you know they need you more than me. But I’ll be waiting cause I’m sure even Heaven won’t have anyone as beautiful as you, he said winking and went away forever.

She was shattered and lonely and the real world seemed so different without him. Her girls who had been both mothered and fathered by her crazy man suddenly looked orphaned. But I promised him I would take care of them and she became him. She seamlessly took over both their roles and finally when all three had families of their own, she said to him, I’ve done my job love and now our girls are happy and beautiful and we have so many grandkids. We’ve turned old sweetheart. He replied, you must be old, I‘m not. Look I still don’t have white hair!

He gave her his killer smile and said, I’ve been waiting 12 years just for this day when I would be with you again. So should I drive down to take you or would you prefer the horse, he asked winking? This time, I’ll come to you, and that too my way said she, love shining in her eyes. The day dawned, she wished her family goodbye, kissed her girls, hugged her siblings. She was eager to see him now and as night fell, she started her journey on a shooting star, and united with her love forever. Heaven celebrated their union and today on this 41st anniversary, I’m sure both are snuggled up in some blanket where the same song is playing in the background as he is giving her the single rose which remained his trademark.

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