I just called to say…Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Two words lit up on his screen and he literally jumped up in joy. The room seemed dark and the clock showed 6:20. Crazy last night had been, his friends had surprised him by welcoming his birthday but he had been restless and waiting for this one message. Would she or would she not! But she did and he sent back a reply… Regent, 1052. She needed no thank you’s and he was again reminded how important she was in his life.

He stood surveying the suite, his eye critical, the wine was cooling and the room smelled perfect. Her favourite chocolates stood on the table,  and he had already placed the order for the perfect meal. Nothing could go wrong, he would not let anything go wrong.  She was worth it all. And then the bell rang and his heart started fluttering madly, like a teenager as he ran towards the door, stood for a second, composed himself, took a breath and opened the door. She stood there smiling, beautiful like some angel, dressed in a light pink knee length dress, nude high heels and a string of pearls around her neck. She was elegance personified.

Happy birthday love, said she as he took her in his arms to hug her, shutting the door. She smiled as he stood unsure what she was expecting when she kissed him hard on his lips. The dam burst completely as both started kissing with wild passion and abandon. It felt like her lips were melting against him. She tasted sweet, a familiar taste lingering in his mouth as her lips went deeper on his. He was now holding her  tighter as he pushed her against the door to melt into her with more intensity. The kiss continued going deeper and deeper, their tongues intermingling, like this hunger was eating them both completely. His lips now moved towards her delicate neck, as he continued placing butterfly kisses along the nape of her neck, running his tongue on her ears when the single pearl on her ear went rolling down, breaking the moment.

She giggled, like her 16 year old self and said, those are my favourite earrings, help me find them. She pushed him behind and bent to pick them up when he couldn’t stop himself and embraced her from behind in her bent state. He literally lifted her up, her giggles echoing in the place and took her inside the room. She had lost weight, he could tell but it made her look even more delicate and graceful. She wiggled out of his arms as he now pushed her against the back of the wooden single sofa and continued kissing her, but now with more longing. Her legs wound up against him as she hoisted herself on his waist, her beautiful dress pulled up, like a wild cat as she continued kissing him back.

God, he couldn’t get enough of her, his hands removing the clips off her perfectly done hair till they opened up in wild abandon. Long, curly and beautiful, the way he liked it. He knew this gypsy child, not the perfect lady she claimed to be. He now turned her around as she sat on the top of the seat of the sofa, her legs resting on the side arms as he turned to face her. Her eyes had a naughty glint while he couldn’t stop staring. Slowly he unbuttoned the delicate buttons as her dress opened up revealing her beautiful breasts encased in a fine net bra. He smiled knowingly and bent to suck on her nipples through the fine peachy net. She moaned, throwing her head up. He was nestled between her legs on the sofa as he now took claimed her other nipple, which stood ready in wait for him.

She looked wild and hungry as she held his face by her hands and pulled it upwards to smooch him hard. It was like she was drinking him while stroking his erect manhood with her perfectly polished toe nail. He was going crazy and she knew it. He now lifted the dress off as it went sliding on the floor and saw his goddess looking like a dream in her lacy peach bra and panties. The colour enhanced her fair glowing skin and seemed perfect at home. Her light brown nipples teased him as her perfect belly button, pierced with a small diamond stood shining. He ran his tongue on her navel, slowly looping the stone as she raised her toned legs to wrap them around his neck.

He was complete trapped in her web and no other place felt as good as this heaven right now. She unbuttoned his shirt as got him off. He awkwardly unhooked her bra as she tossed it off and then removed her panties exposing the wanton beauty in all her glory. She sat perched on the edge of the seat as he know started licking her body all over. His hand gently massaged her arousal as her wetness both astounded and excited him. His erection pushed itself like an animal and now he lifted her turned her around, sat on the sofa as she started riding him. Both were maniacal as she bounced harder and harder, her breasts swinging and bouncing as he held her tightly by her hips till both reached their climax together.  He kept holding her tightly like cradling some baby, feeding his body with her warmth and fragrance, as if letting it embed in his memory.

She was like a ball of radiance and energy and now finally she gently broke his embrace and stood up and stretched herself. I’m hungry!! He laughed, when are you not? I’ll ask our meal to be delivered. She opened the fancy box of chocolates lying on the table and laughed amused, kismi chocolates, I found them cheesy then and I find them cheesy now. She opened the plain paper cover of the cheap candy and popped it in her mouth, I haven’t had this for years. He replied, love shining in his eyes, and I have them every time I long for your taste. She stared lovingly and holding his hands gently in her hands kissed his forehead.

The bell rang breaking the moment as the waiter walked in bringing the food trolley. I hope you know I’m not into greasy and heavy food said she stopping mid sentence as the water opened the dishes to reveal all her favourite street food. Food she had not allowed anywhere close to her taste buds, deprived her soul but only he knew how much she craved it. Cause only he knew the real wild child which lay nestled and hidden under the folds of this suave, beautiful, high socialite rich industrialists wife. The no nonsense girl who could beat up those troubled her. Who could abuse worse than a sailor and who loved him with every pore of her being.

He respected her decision of marrying for her family’s wishes as much he respected her decision for not have any kind of connection or communication between them apart for his birthday which she never missed. They were like the sun and moon who met only when the rest of the world was eclipsed. He waited impatiently for her wish on his birthday to have her for his own and fill up his senses and soul with her being which would help him live another year of his life.

She nibbled delicately on the spoils as she saw him staring at her lost in admiration and awe. Keeping the food down, she came and sat on his lap, snuggling like a baby as she smiled and whispered wickedly,  I enjoy the fast paced punch of the spicy appetisers, but I’m hoping the main course will be much better. He smiled understanding her mood as both started kissing again and he picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bed. Tomorrow might be another day and time but today she was all his and no one could come between them!


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