Amo l’amore… I love LOVE!!!

Her soul springs up words  like a fountain full of jewels

Her heart binds the words together, rhymes of pretty pearls

No poet is she, just an eternal believer of selfless love

Amo l’amore she can never just have enough

Resilience keeps together the tangled web of fate

Eyes sparkling, her generous heart her biggest trait

Lust, desire, deciet, adoration, tricky step cousins all

The naive love always manages to have the biggest fall


But after every hurting fall, she rises up again

Her eyes ever hopeful, she erases the wrecking pain

Pulls up her socks, determined not to ever again be askew

Step cousins all be damned, she’s the only princess true

Those sandals were forever hers, shiny, pretty, delicate

She looks frail and simple but she’s always firm and straight

Hope overwrites delusion, warmth fills her heart with faith!!

Love will forever stay alive, no matter how strong is hate!!

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