The runaway waves!!!

The rocks stand still forever, waiting for love since eternity

The sand nubile and slippery, tease the lover with serenity

The shells try hard to get noticed, prettying their delicate face

The wind keeps flirting passionately, serenading all the way

The magic of this symphony so beautiful is sadly forever enslaved

The culprit in this love story are the naughty runaway waves

Little imps full of mischief, they run, dance, tease and spray

Just when the sand snuggle up the stones for warmth

The evil imps wipe out the embrace of the loving baes

The blazing sun looks amused, watching the restless chaps

The old grandpa enjoying the antics of his favorite madcaps

Those beneath the glistening waves, enjoy the gurgling sound

Every time the waves sink deep, they rush all homeward bound

The salty waves look smug thinking they the ones who control


Unaware that the distant lunatic moon is the one who sets the roll

He sets the wicked game in motion, all undoubtedly his slaves

The reclusive hidden story writer of the naughty runaway waves!


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