The Earthen symphony…Ch: 2 New beginings

Sahasra sat on her desk, unable to comprehend the enormity of what had happened. She couldn’t claim herself to be innocent or unknown to what led to the beautiful experience she had gone through as her body quivered even now with the memory of Reyansh’s lips and hands on her body. Her teenage fantasy had finally attained fruition but rather than feeling awesome or satisfied, a strange fear and guilt gnawed her heart. He had no clue who she was but she had worshiped him like a God, his voice buried in every pore of her body, his charming smile creating a picture of sunshine in her life as unknowingly he had given her the shining future that the daughter of a housemaid could never hope for. He was her blind benefactor, blind not because his vision had failed him but because he himself was unaware how much he had helped her mother to give the education and life which turned her into a successful graphics artist.

Her 18 year old heart had skipped a beat when she had seen him for the first time, from behind the pillar from the kitchen as he had snatched a quick kiss from Saesha. Saesha was laughing with her head held back as he kissed the nape of her neck with his arms possessively around the waist. Both clueless that someone else was privy to their special moment.  They both looked like some beautiful dream. She was dressed in a long, fitting black off shoulder gown, that seemed almost like second skin on her fabulous curves. Her breasts teasing as her fair skin flashed like porcelain. She was a goddess, and he complimented her completely with his fabulous good Greek God looks. Tall chiseled body, floppy hair, sexy naughty eyes and a disarming smile which could melt any woman’s heart.

She knew she shouldn’t be watching but they fascinated her and she couldn’t help it. He continued kissing Saesha’s porcelain like delicate neck as his hands moved rhythmically over her body, gentle but possessive. Saesha writhing and responding to his touch now wrapped her leg around his waist, the long slit of her dress helping her thigh to embrace his leg. His hand was now at the nape of her neck as he straightened it and kissed her hard on her lips.  The kiss began getting deeper and deeper as she could see Saesha’s body melting against his, surrendering to his touch as his hand moved inside her dress, claiming his stake as he massaged her womanhood gently while she started moaning and swaying in his arms. He seemed so much in control as his lips created magic on hers and his second hand making love to her breasts while his fingers played a symphony on her arousal.

Sahasra couldn’t stop staring when suddenly she was hit by her own heated moistness that ached for a man’s touch. It shocked her. She felt her nipples tighten and even without intending to, her fingers started rubbing her moist clit through her clothes. Her hand subconsciously caressing her own body mirroring Reyansh’s touch as he continued with Saesha. The new but welcome touch on her virgin body was taking on a life of it’s own and as she spiraled higher, she kept hoping they wouldn’t stop. But the tinkling laughter started fading as both went into the bedroom and the door slammed shut. A shock of disappointment ran through her unfulfilled body as it now craved for more. She felt cheated as to how could they deny her the experience that she had only read about.

She wondered what to do, her body craved for the explosion she was so close to and bundling all her courage, she inched closer to the bedroom door till she could hear their pleasure filled moans erupting the silence as Saesha both pleaded and commanded him to pamper and ravage her. Sahasra couldn’t see them but her knees buckled as she flopped on the floor. Her hand now moved beyond her underwear, caressing the aroused rosebuds and herself amazed as she dipped her fingers into the indescribable wetness which started spreading all over her body as her fingers strummed a symphony, moving fast and slow to the rhythm of the passionate lovemaking she could hear. Her eyes shut as she started soaring into the wild horizons and finally her body erupted in tune to the orgasmic waves scaled by Saesha and Reyansh.

It was the most wonderful feeling she had experienced but reality hit hard as the doorbell rang and she quickly pulled up her panty and ran inside. Engulfed with both thrill and shame, her rebellious soul felt devilish as she knew she had unlocked the fascinating secret. What had seemed like a punishment for accompanying mum to help her suddenly was welcomed. She kept hoping to chance on the amazing couple again but alas no such luck. Her soul ached for a glimpse of the forbidden passion. It also led to a few amateurish encounters with young men of her age which felt nothing more than groping and awkwardness. No matter how hard she tried, they did not even bring her close to that earth shattering experience. And so to bridge that gap, she willed herself each night to go into her fantasy world where Reyansh made love to her like she was some Goddess.

Things were perfect until that morning, when she had barged into the unlocked bedroom, earphones tucked into her ears, her favorite song blaring away as she started pulling the covers of the bed, straightening the sheets, enjoying the masculine fragrance and craving for it more. Her mouth curved into a develish grin. The house was empty, mum was out and his bed was all but inviting her to play her favorite fantasy. She buried her head in the soft cushiony pillow, as if drowning herself in his scent, and closed her eyes, replaying her fantasy when suddenly the shower door opened and Reyansh walked out, naked in full glory as he stopped in shock seeing her sprawled on the bed, head buried in his pillow. Sahasra completely lost in her fantasy, as she could feel Reyansh touching her and awakening her desires. Reyansh stood staring as she writhed and squirmed to her own motions on the bed, his arousal evident seeing the nubile nymphet perform her own seductive dance on his bed.

He had no clue who she was and he couldn’t even see her face but she was lost in herself and unable to stop himself, he went silently towards the bed and lay next to her. Sahasra seemed in some trance and as if drawn by magnetism, her hands moved towards Reyansh as she pulled him closer. This was a fantasy she had been seeing repeatedly of them together in his bed and now he started kissing her. His lips set her lips on fire as she bit on him hungrily, directing his hands to her breasts as she wanted them touched. It all felt like some crazy game which Reyansh had also lost control of and now he put his hands beneath her top and started rubbing her breasts. He took her nipples between his fingers and pinched them before taking them into his mouth to suck them. They were young petite breasts, firm, eager and hungry for more. He wanted to ravage them as she continued rubbing his naked body, taking his erect member into her hands and caressing it.

He felt her wetness on him, as he now gently put his hand inside her skirt and started rubbing her slowly and languidly, up and down while she continued moaning. He started rubbing himself against her, and the touch brought goosebumps on her body. He was naked but she was fully clothed. He started kissing her belly, her navel, and his face inched lower as she seemed lost in an ecstatic trance. He started kissing her wetness, running his tongue all over triangle, his fingers moving the thin fabric as his mouth now devoured her arousal as he locked and sucked while she couldn’t bear it any longer. He was also so ready and now with one swift movement, turned her around and placed her on top of him.

She looked like a wanton gypsy, clothes all messy, breasts exposed, hair all out of place but eyes filled with hunger and desire. How could he resist this nymphet who was all but pushing his reserve to be broken. He decided, he had to have her and now pulled down her panties down to enter her when suddenly her phone rang and shocked them both to reality. Her eyes opened and truth dawned as she realized that she was not in any fantasy but he was actually in bed with her, stark naked. Not knowing what to do, she ran out of the room as Reyansh watched her leaving, his face both curious and filled with desire. His hand rubbing his erection trying to calm it, trying to understand what transpired. Sahasra somehow straightened her clothes, opened the door and ran out of the house and continued running till she was a good distance away. How could this have happened? Mom had said he was out of town and she was merely replicating her fantasy with him which she did every night at home. Oh God, what if he spoke to mom or said anything to anyone? How could she ever face him?

Sahasra stopped going to Reyansh’s house and soon moved away for further education. She never spoke about this to anyone but he continued to remain her ultimate fantasy. Her mother continued telling her stories of his separation from Saesha and impending blindness and his journey to failure and at a point she started feeling that her mother had unknowingly become Reyansh’s mother and caregiver. She had returned home, and now was engaged to Sahil, a successful banker and had in fact asked her mother to now stop working so hard when she was earning but her mum had refused. Forget leaving her job, she had convinced Sahasra to go and check on him when she had her accident. All seemed perfect until this morning happened. She knew she could have avoided it but her 18 year old unfulfilled soul had desired this release which she finally attained today. She didn’t know where this journey would take her or what she would do but the only thing cemented in her heart was that she still madly loved Reyansh and no other man could take his place!!




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