The earthen symphony…Ch: 1 Blinded by desire!!

Another unfinished piece! It frustrated him. It had repetitively started feeling like a pattern now. Like he would start making love to the moist, luscious, needy mud in his skilled hands but somehow his love and attention lacked the passion it required to ignite the fire in the belly of the lifeless earth. The foreplay died instantly and it was humiliating the way it became indifferent to his touch, the refusal to accept the cajoling and attention he showered so desperately. It constantly reminded him that he was no longer good enough! And that rejection hit his loins hard and like the lifeless mud, his primal desires had also somewhere vanished into oblivion, leaving him a dead shadow of the once flaming ball of energy he was.

It was all her fault! Saesha, who had led him to believe she would never go but she vanished without a word. She should have known that he fed off her energy, the fire which burned inside her lit up his universe and kept him alive. His innate desire for her flawless body was insatiable and so was she. No matter to what heights he took her, she still wanted more. He ravaged her, but she was still greedy. Her greed for more ignited his passion where he could think of nothing more than how could he make her reach her peak again and again. And that same high energy spread to his creations as he rolled out masterpieces after masterpieces. Unique, full of life, objects of desire which catapulted him into the much desired sculptor.

Reyansh , the creator, he could put life in dead, the darling of all critics and he proved true to his name. Women flocked around him for that one chance to be his muse but she was confident of her position. She laughed watching these bimbettes shower their attention on him while she knew that just one lusty look of those luscious eyes could bring him to his knees, and his tongue just where she desired. She was insane, feeding off him in the most unlikely places. Letting him know how her body desired his touch, touching his masterpieces with the same passion as her hands touched his body. Teasing and taunting him, knowing fully well how irresistible she was to any man. He wanted to kill the lustful eyes that ravaged her fully clothed body, their lust and desire flashing blatantly as she seemed unaffected by it all.

One drunk encounter and she disappeared. And the worst of it was that he had no absolutely no recollection of that night. The one drink stretched into many and a few joints passed around in the highly acclaimed art circle led to three women on his bed. He desired none of them but she didn’t believe him, hell, she didn’t even give him a chance to explain. She gave him one scorching look and was gone. He cared a damn! The bitch thought she ruled his life, he would show her that he made her his muse and gave her the ten seconds of fame she would never again get in her life. He was angry and bitter and numbed his pain by drinking aimlessly, screwing without reason, killing each and every iota of emotion and passion that had filled his life, extinguishing, crushing and burying everything that gave him happiness. Hell, she was a ghost who refused to spare him and he was hell bent on throwing her out of his memories, conscience and life.

Darkness seemed to soothe his troubled soul and slowly the darkness embraced his life like the warm blanket, silencing the monsters that humiliated his soul when finally he realized that the darkness was not external anymore and that his vision had also forsaken his eyes and he was nearly blind now. Well wishers tried bringing him out of his shell, tried getting him to a doctor but he didn’t need anyone, not even his vision, after all it showed its disloyalty in the same way as she had done. He had started enjoying the isolation. Damn if he was ever going to let anyone have any control on his heart and mind anymore. This was just a phase which every artist went through. Only one push was needed for him to breakthrough and bounce back with his masterpiece which would astound the world.

His housekeeper was his saving grace as she provided the food, alcohol and provisions he needed. She was a smart woman who knew he hated being spoken to, and most importantly, hated the rum bottles empty. Her biggest talent was her invisibility and that was the only reason he tolerated her, refusing to accept the fact that she was his unspoken guardian in a way. But today morning, even she was also showing her inaptness. He had woken to find no coffee or rum at his bedside. And he was hungry, he didn’t even remember when he had eaten last. These fucking people thought they did favor on a blind man, he paid them for the services! No one did any favor on him. He woke out of his slumber, bellowing her name as he stumbled towards the kitchen.

Suddenly he heard a pattering of footsteps as an unknown fragrance hit his nostrils. He stopped in his tracks. Who’s this, he bellowed as a soft voice answered, mum had an accident on her way back from here and hasn’t been here since the last two days but she was really worried about you so she sent me. I’m really sorry but the fridge was completely empty so I ran out to buy a few things for you. I’ll just bring you breakfast. Damn, no wonder I’m hungry! Give me my rum, my fingers are trembling as he stumbled back to bed. Her fragrance brought back a sense of nostalgia to his senses which he knew he had to numb somehow. Damn the stupid woman, couldn’t she see! And they called him blind!

She quietly placed the bottle and eggs on the table. She turned to walk away as he sat up, trying to adjust himself as turned and settled the pillows behind his back which were all misshapen. Her hand touched his back by mistake, which cause a strange sensation to run through his body and he yelled, get off! Did you mother not tell you I hate people! Make sure I don’t hear you again! She ran out of the room in a hurry as he downed yet another rum, knowing he had to kill these taunting monsters who showed up to torment him. He loved his darkness and enveloped himself in it.

Over time he had lost sense of timing as days and night seemed to blend into each other and when he woke, downed a huge amount of rum when he heard soft laughter as he walked out to smell the fragrance of flowers. For a moment he felt a wave of memory hit him of a brightly lit room, dining table filled with flowers and laughter as his leg hit the stool and he fell hard on the floor and she turned in surprise seeing him, quickly put her mobile down and rushed to help him. Her touch was so warm and soothing that he didn’t feel like getting up from there,  his face nestling in her bosom, the heat of her body feeling like heaven sent. It’s like the entire resistance felt by his mind and body had finally decided to resign. He could feel the swell of her young, full breasts, the curve of her nubile waist and the softness of her hands.

She took him inside somehow and made him lie down as he held her hands and pulled her towards him. She didn’t resist. Without saying anything, he made her lie down next to him as he just cuddled up to her, sucking in the energy of her young soul, realization hitting his heart that he needed her to warm him.  He didn’t care what she looked like but she seemed like the last breath of oxygen which could maybe revive the dead in him. He knew he was being selfish but wasn’t he always. She kept lying silently as her body managed to fit seamlessly with his. She nestled in his arms as his hands caressed her back softly, reviving the flame that had died in his own body. The intensity of the physical need he felt now was uncontrollable. He turned to kiss her hard on her lips but she was frozen as he stopped and pulled back realizing what he had done.

She did not say anything and quietly walked away from bed. He was disappointed but knew he couldn’t force himself on her. Taking another sip of rum to calm his nerves, her scent hit him again as she reappeared. He kept silent as she got on the bed, and undid the buttons of his shirt. She silently started sponging his body with the warm water and towel she had in her hands. She was small and petite and sat on his legs to wipe his chest. His pajamas were still on but he could feel his erection coming on as her womanhood rubbed without intending to. She had rubbed his torso completely and now her hands moved towards his pajama strings. He loved the sensation as he allowed her hands to wipe and revive the manhood which had stayed into disillusionment since so long.

Her breasts fully clothed rubbed against his body as his erection stood in full glory. He couldn’t see her but felt every touch magnified. She now brought warm oil as she let it fall drop by drop on his body, the oil running over his chest and on his thighs. She massaged his body, bringing it back to life, awakening the dead feelings. Her soft hands continued downwards as they started massaging his member, her fingers nimbly spreading the oil around his balls, on his thighs as her own wetness started becoming obvious to him. He needed her body on his and pulled her closer, pulling off her dress and freeing her beautiful breasts. The strangest thing was even though he couldn’t see, his mind knew exactly how her beautiful luscious breasts stood firm and her nipples tight with anticipation were demanding attention from him.

He pulled her face towards his and placed his lips of her moist ones. Their tongues starving and hungry as both danced in unison, his hands rubbing her nipples while his lips trying to devour hers. He continued kissing her on her neck and shoulders while she ran her tongue around his ears. her soft breath feeling warm and muzzy as her tongue played magic, shocking him with the intensity he felt. She now moved downwards, licking his nipples as her tongue snaked all over his chest. His time of abuse might have dulled him but he was still a masculine animal and she craved him like a hungry goddess. He knew where her mouth was heading and it was like his member was inviting her to taste his juices as her head went lower on his body.

He moaned but she said nothing and started licking his thighs, the feeling indescribable as his hands massaged her breasts, luscious like balls filled with nectar, nipples glistening, and slowly directed her to taking him in her mouth. She was not hurrying as she started licking his shaft, slowly, up to down and back, her lips sucking just when required and her tongue creating a symphony of sounds on his mind. He now felt the life pouring back into him as he lifted her effortlessly and made her mount him. She sat like a wild gypsy on him and started riding him. Her breasts swaying with the same passion as him. Both moved in unison as his fingers massaged her rose buds simultaneously, taking her higher and higher as her moans became louder which fueled him to turn her around, placing her on the back as he now towered over her.

She watching him hungrily and in a trance like state as he now helped himself those beauties, taking each nipple turn by turn in his mouth, caressing and pressing them, sucking them as she moaned, rubbing his hardness on her wildly aroused womanhood, the scent of her juices filling up the room as it felt like a hot molten lava bubbling between her legs. He knew she wanted her, but he had felt like this after so long that he couldn’t end it like this. He continued teasing her nipples, and then running on the crevice below her breasts, his tongue reaching her navel which made her shiver in need till he finally placed his tongue on her wetness which threatened to erupt if he didn’t take care of it.

His tongue ran indulgently on her wet lips, her clit bubbling like crazy as he continued his unhurried torment. She was writhing and moaning as his tongue ran around her lips, her rose buds, her crevice teased by his tongue entering and torturing as his fingers now entered the game, tongue and fingers creating the symphony which was too much for her to bear now. Her nails bit into his arms as if gasping for air, as her arousal spiraled upwards. His tongue continued ravaging when she finally exploded, writhing and grinding. her body shaking, but he taking advantage of her uncontrollable orgasm entered her in this maniacal state and started taking her to higher peaks than she had known.

He kept pushing his thickness into her as her body jolted and convulsed her completion when he finally emptied his hot seeds into her. Both now started soaring gracefully back to reality, calmness and silence enveloping the moment as she silently withdraw from the bed, took her dress in her hands and walked out of the room. He kept hearing her go, unsure if what he had experienced was a reality of just a fragment of his tortured mind. His hand moved towards his side, where his loyal Old Monk stood it’s ground and he took a huge gulp and sunk back into his comforting darkness.





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