Rise Conquer Repeat!

But I won’t cry for yesterday, there’s an ordinary world, somehow I have to find

And as I try to make my way, to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive

Duran Duran

Survival of the fittest as Darwin said, which has been mindlessly ingrained into the our minds as we grow up. Be physically strong if you want to succeed, only the strong win, stronger people achieve more. But I beg to differ here, cause I feel that it is not the strongest or most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage to adapt to change. And change is not what the environment or circumstances throw at you but the changes that happen within one’s own self. Changes that time, maturity, age, situations and emotions throw at you and turn you into a different individual from who you once were.

We often learn the art of survival without even realizing that we have mastered it to unbeatable levels. It becomes a part of our daily existence. And yes, the weakest or softest looking people are often those who survive the most. They don’t advertise or boast about their strengths as they themselves are not aware how beautifully they continue living when it is easier to give up. Without complaints or arguments, they seamlessly blend the changes in their life as and when the need arises. Merging their paths into new roads and continuing their journey without having any clue where the roads would end or what the final destination would be.

Survivors the world calls them but I would label them as winners. Winners who wake up each morning to deal with new battles in their lives. Unaware if the situations will ever change or most of the time not even expecting any more or less than what is dealt in their field. The student trying desperately to prove his worth to his teachers and parents, the mother dreaming of a better future for her kids than she was destined for. The patriarch struggling relentlessly for giving his family a better life. Single loners longing for love and separated lovers yearning for nothing more than the warmth of a partner again.

The women trying so hard to make a mark in the world and the young men out to fulfill their aspirations but bogged down by the harsh realities of life. The rose tinted glasses never help. The mind, body and soul soon learn to adapt to the harsh winters that happened without warning. The deathly cold hardens our hearts and the freezing winds makes us feel we will never see the sun again. We cry and grumble and complain but slowly accept what we are faced with. The morning chill soon gives way to a wonderful sunshine and warmth that creeps in gradually, making us forget the harsh bleakness we recently suffered.

Each one of us is a survivor, only the intensity of our battles might have been different. Each one has a story to tell, scars to show and wounds that have healed. Each one puts on a brave face even when the heart is hurting or eyes are weeping. It takes courage and strength to celebrate an occasion when all you want to do is hide in a hole to grieve for the loss of a loved one. To smile through sickness knowing that seeing you in pain hits your loved ones more. What is it if not perseverance to face the same challenges day in and day out when it is much easier to give up. But we don’t and that is the beauty of it all.

So this new year, we should salute our own selves and pat our backs that we never gave up. We were blessed with friends and family who gave us support in times of need but finally it was we who emerged winners in a race which we had to compete with our own selves. Conquer our fears, tackle our weaknesses, put an end to our biases and conflicts, adapt, withdraw, sustain and ingrain into our minds that giving up is never a choice. We are ordinary people living ordinary lives, without expecting any miracles to change the world we live in. Truly we give justice to the face that in life, all we can do is Rise Conquer Repeat. šŸ™‚


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