For my friends, baes and buddies

They tease and taunt and chew your brainsTrouble you no end, act so stupid and insane

You wonder where maturity hid in their case

Did adulthood never participate in their chase
Your rolled up eyes at all stupid ideas and jokes

They the one who cover your secret smokes

After convincing you that its all really good

They spoil your diets with tempting food
You wish you could bury and kill the jerks

Smack them on their noses, with a jeering smirk

Teach them a lesson they would never forget

Show them you undoubtedly one of the same set
Its your buddies, dudes, friends or baes

The ones who make sure you get past each day

Holding your back that you never take the fall

And when you do, remind relentlessly every hour
The taunts maybe wicked but the love is not

The stupidity and craziness is just part of the lot

You know they ridicule and bitch all the while

But it’s just a mark of their sexy awesome style
From kindergarten to school to work and more

I’m blessed with so many of these crazy blokes

Who’ve partnered me in crimes that I won’t ever reveal

From murder to ruckus and madness to steal
And even if all seem like inmates from the crazy cell

I guess I chose them cause I’m made of the same gel

All my favorite devils, demons and bitches

I wouldn’t trade them ever for all my riches
And though I pray that angels all bless me forever

These are the nutcases I’d never want to lose ever

So all those who are on my crazy buddy or bestie list

I wanna say I love you always with my devilish twist!!!

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