The Gypsy child

The fluttering of those restless wings

dancing to the tunes of the heart that beats so wild

Love has always been her constant companion

Fueling the empty stores of the wild gypsy child

She craves and yearns for warmth and excitement

Knowing it oft leads to tears and despair

But for the irreplaceable moments of joy it offers

The pain seems not much of a burden to bear

Love fills her life with crazy sunshine

Causing mayhem, craziness and all highs and low

While the smiles and laughter are always welcome

It’s the tears that create the colorful rainbow

Naively expecting love to knock her door some day

Not realizing she herself was the source of light

Love has been resting in her heart forever

Her aura made the world so wonderful and bright

Her soul is a myriad of kaleidoscopic colors

Her heart brimming with love radiated endlessly

How could the wells of her emotions ever go low

She is the never ending flow of loving selflessly

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