Hungry eyes!!

I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’ve got this feeling that won’t subside

I look at you and I fantasise, you’re mine and tonight I’ve got you in my sights

Hungry eyes…one look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got hungry eyes..

-Dirty Dancing

“Ma’am you won’t have to even look at it for 3 years” the salesman’s voice echoed in her ears as she stared at the flat tire of her gleaming new I 20 sports. It was in the middle of nowhere, so close to the midnight hour, which was to bring her birthday is. This year I’ll bring my birthday in style, the Lost Party she had thought and now she was out here, lost like crazy, feeling stupid. But staring wouldn’t fill up the tire so something had to be done! Oh God help me!

She bent down to look at the tire, when suddenly she was blinded by a flash of light hitting her on her face. She looked up to see the most dishy man staring at her atop his bike. Hey miss, you need help! Her brain suddenly felt like jelly. Unfair! Here she was a slob in her faded shorts and stupid t shirt, with this hot hunk looking like a heaven sent dessert. Quickly she jumped up. A flat tire, she replied, eyes crinkled. And I’m a bit lost. His face curved into a sexy smile and now her jelly brain started melting. This had to be God’s joke on me, she thought rolling her eyes up staring at the sky.

Open up please…was she hearing right? He stood expectantly holding the dickey knob when it hit her, stupid woman, open the bloody dicky. He now rolled up his shirt sleeves, muscled arms glistening in the dark. Why did he turn her on like this, it wasn’t like she hadn’t been with men before. She felt like a teenager with her hormones on an overdrive right now. He bent down to open the nuts of the wheel. Could you please hit the flashlight on it? She switched it on, sitting close. Nearly touching him, oh my, he even smelt awesome! She felt all tingly in her stomach, wishing she could inch closer. Why could God not have sent an ugly mechanic, this was torture.

He went about his job but her imagination went into an overdrive. She couldn’t stop staring at his hands and fingers. It was almost as if she felt them on her body. She saw herself lying on the bonnet of the car while he bent down to kiss her. His wet lips on hers while his hand went inside her shirt. Cold hands making her tremble as he first ran them along her back. Making her writhe and quiver while his fingers made circles, hands now moving towards her boobs. Her nipples were so tight and all she wanted him was to now feel them and press them but he kept teasing her.

He pulled off her t shirt but she needed to feel his nakedness too. She literally tore off his shirt and soon his chest was bare. Now she started running her tongue all over his chest. Biting and nipping him while his hands did their magic. She had never felt this wild abandon.  He was sucking her boobs, making her wild with agony, and she wanted so much more. His hand now moved inside her shorts, caressing her thighs and her body felt on fire. Both couldn’t get enough and he now picked her up and took her inside the car. Put her on the seat, pulling off her shorts. Her body was responding like nobody’s business. His tongue now running along her navel and stomach. His head going lower and lower till she almost wanted to push it to what would give her full release.

Her eyes closed, a low moan escaping her lips when she felt his hand on her hand, hey it’s done. Stunned she opened her eyes, the tire was done. She was flushed and embarrassed.  What had just happened. Thank you, you’re welcome said the wicked eyes. You don’t need to worry now, but here’s my number if you need any help on the road! He smiled knowingly at her and now she felt like a satisfied cat as her eyes shone with desire and mischief! She completely knew what she wanted as her birthday gift and she would make sure she got it.


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