Gentlewomen in this crazy world

Fuck goes the tongue and ping beeps up the brain

You can’t use cuss words, girls are always trained

The fun journey begins when you grow much older

Education goes for a toss, you end up carefree and bolder

Fuck means fuck and we don’t care a damn

It’s our life dudes, we’ll say whatever we can

The drink that was taboo keeps us sane and fine

The smoke calms our nerves in these destructible times

We wear our short skirts with complete ease and comfort

It’s your fucking problem if your brain thinks like a pervert

If we speak a bit loud, a crazy bitch we are coined

It makes it simpler for some if we keep it down and fine

We work much harder to survive in this man’s world

Promotion doesn’t mean the boss on our finger twirled

The presentations we made do need all iota of brains

And even if we PMSing, we still rational and sane

Though we do shed tears if our child hurts that knee
The tigress in us protects our cub from all that can be

The kohl lined eyes help in hiding our dark circles

We might seem frail, but we madhouse busy bee workers

It’s a crazy world for a gentlewoman to be in

In spite of all odds, we are proud to be seen

And yes we say fuck you, hell ya and damn

But honestly we’d never want to be the hoity toity man!!
We drive our car the way we want, slow, fast or light

You should be sorry if it scares you or gives a fright

Multitasking came naturally in our blood and genes

We proudly are gentlewomen donning skirts and jeans!!
The tattoos we sport more valuable than any ornament

They don’t mean we are cheap, easily available or discontent

We enjoy hi tech gadgets as any other bloke

We are hopelessly possessive of all our loved folks
The tequila shots do as much damage as they do to anyone

But let’s all be honest here, they do add to the fun

And though we may crib, cuss, argue or complain

It’s the guys, our buddies, our partners who keep us all sane
So strange as it may sound for all our angst

These few special men in our lives help make the bang

They stand behind us like the invisible shadows

Trust and believe we will never drown or wallow
These crazy dudes of ours make us laugh all we can

They want no gentlewomen, they like the cuss train

We’re honestly glad to have a few gentlemen in our lives

These guys are the one who deserve our high five!!

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