The Last Goodbye

They ask you to forget, to let go, just move on
To not dwell in the past, not to cry for what’s gone

But how do you forget the way it made you feel

The fragrance which creeps in like a thief out to steal

The touch of those hands, the caress and the warmth

The tenderness and bliss of being held safely in those arms

You want to forget, recover, move on and be all fine

Smile that it doesn’t matter, convince, quiet your angry mind

But the heart skips a beat when your song starts to play

The shattered pieces dislodge, causing havoc, refusing to stay

Hurriedly somehow you manage to encompass them all

Even when they are wounded and bleeding from the fall

The coffee which was yours forever refuses to taste the same

It’s like it’s still angry that you no longer take their name

A smiling stranger on the streets brings a tear to your eyes

Cause the dimple that flashed reminds you of self explanatory lies

Truth is you honestly miss each thing you deny to yourself

The memories you buried so deep in the cobwebs of your hell

So when the moon rises and lights up the star spangled skies

A silent prayer goes out, partnered with an inherent sigh

Aware you might never see them or hear their voice again

But how do you silence and deafen the screams of your pain

Calm the anger which rises like a volcano threatening to destroy

The peace and sanctity of each dark night, of every waking day

All logics defy the rules of maturity, of being right or sane

You wanna scream out loud but all you do is bury your pain

And with a faint hope in your soul, you bid them goodbye

All throughout wondering why it happened, O why

But God bless and be with them wherever they live

Cause your heart has nothing except for the love which it is gives


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