The elusive flight

The flight refused to happen as her hopeful eyes dimmed dry

Her soul yearned for the freedom of feeling the endless sky

Day after day she vowed to let not the dream fail

Hoping to achieve the much desired and elusive sail

The stones cut her feet with every jump of her step

Eyes smarting with tears as she continued her prep

Countless tries failed as delusion slithered in the groove

The chill freezing her heart as her legs refused to move

It’s over she knew, the heart crumbling into pieces as she turned to go

The blue sky invitingly held out its arms, she just jumped without a know

The wings soared like jewels all magical, shiny and shimmery

The sun kissed her cheeks, welcome my child, you are the winner

The revelation burnt her soul like fire as she let out a triumphant cry

Her wings were not broken…she had simply forgotten to fly

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