Fly into those crazy blue skies where no boundaries ever hold

Stir those dormant untouched wings, awaken them, unfold

Bury those niggling fears which shackle the feet in chains

Freefall into the unknown, dive deep into the stormy rains

Steer clear of the well known, the real and forged hard steel

Explore the hidden picture, dig the burrows, tear and unpeel

Unlock the mischievous child sulking deep inside your heart

Forget the rules, bend the fences, just aim those pointed darts

And when adulthood reigns its ugly head to offer unsolicited advice

Thank it for the words of wisdom but go on, choose your vice

Laugh out louder, giggle without reason, jump directly into the sky

Who knows what caution had shielded might give you an exhilarating high

Impulsiveness is oft labelled reckless, crazy or a stupid fool

Civilized maturity kills many dreamers, passions often lose their cool

Robotic sheep follow the much treaded, safe and well defined paths

Dulling their minds to believe, this is how life functions till the last

And when one restless soul manages to achieve his unimaginable goals

The locked up child whispers, it could’ve been us, but now we are old

Argues the brain, don’t be silly, this accidental success won’t last for long

Can you ever swim against the current, haa, no one’s ever that strong

Fact is no one can stop the obstinate whirlwind that’s once set in motion

Its just a small push, needed in the terryfying but much desired direction

A few grey hair can’t define what the youthful energetic mind can grasp

So why lose any chance you get, rush in, jump high, live love and laugh


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