The invisible arms that reach out to steady the faltering in life

The touch soothes each hurt, the words seamlessly mend each strife

Troubles battling the dark corners of minds, somehow find their way to her

Doctor Know it all encompasses, ridicules and dismisses every fear

The undying hunger which gnaws the soul, feeding insecurity and mad demons

She knows just how to silence the monsters, lighting up the dark dungeons

A ray of sunshine, calm, unwavering, the immovable unshakable pillar of strength

She protects without thinking, for her brood of cubs, she will go to any length

She’s the invisible shadow who is ever present, available even without being seen

Her values embedded over the years, can never get forgotten, washed away or lean

She recognizes the illogical wants, knowing they will forever surpass the needs

Unnecessary they might seem for some, but the heart she knows, the soul she feeds

 Nourishment comes from her not just in the way of wholesome food

She’s the unbreakable texture of longevity, the fabric tightly binding her brood

The strong willed iron woman, who can’t be broken by any sword, stick or bow

In reality is a young girl at heart, softer than the candy floss or marshmallow.

The strength she inculcated, came not from age or what she learnt from school

The baby in her womb, trained her to be a Mother, relentless, unstoppable and cool

She faced the infant mysteries, the hiccups, scraped knee and broken bones

Each time she hugged her offspring, her pain and tears she hid in empty tomes

The wrong often replaced rights but she never stopped correcting the flaws

Repetitive drilling of ethics and morals soon civilized the wild, free and raw

Fly high my child, the world is vast, dream, go beyond the lines of yonder

And anytime you lose your way, I won’t let you get lost or ever wander

A rainbow of emotions she gives, more than the heart can ever wish

Mama, mother, mummy…love starts with her, she is the ones we cherish

And rightly said by some that since God knew he could not be everywhere

He created clones of his own self, named Ma to nourish, nurture and care

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