Black Magic Woman

I got a black magic woman
Yes, I got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I can’t see
But she’s a black magic woman
And she’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me

Fleetwood Mac

She sat waiting at the table, dressed in her little hot black dress, looking sexy and glamorous, just like she had wanted to. This was her Valentine date that she had planned down to the last detail. And he was late…again. The chicken was cold and the ice had all melted in the scotch. She was angry, not because he was late but because she didn’t like him eating cold food. But he never understood. Work always came first, never her, she thought as she gulped down his Jack Daniels on the rocks. It tasted good as she signaled for a repeat. The music was good and the bar was crowded and she saw him, black jacket, black shirt, good enough to eat. He was staring at her as he walked up to the table and said, would the lady care for a dance with me? She smiled, gracefully picked up the second scotch offering cheers as he nodded back acknowledging and she poured it down her throat, and moved towards the dance floor.

Both started the dance like all the other couples on the floor, one hand on his shoulder, his hand on her waist. He had an amused smile on his face as she kept looking around, trying to fit in with the other dancers when he pulled her close to him, turned her face to face him as he started moving her to his own rhythm altogether. It was like a magnetic buoyant energy suddenly filled up the place. The magic of his smile, the heat of the bodies and the smooth scotch blurred the world around her and all she could see was his handsome face and she was overcome by an innate desire to kiss those lips, suddenly aware that her body would melt under that touch. His hands were already confusing her bare back and shoulders with fluttery sensations which her mind said she should stop but the body had taken on a life of its own.

The music now changed to a faster tempo as he started teasing her, pulling and pushing, twirling her around, making her erupt in laughter and spin giddily. She had no control on her movements as he kept deciding how and where he would move her as the music changed again. A slow seductive number came on, and he pulled her close. She also snuggled up naturally. They were so close that she could hear his heartbeat, and her heartbeats started racing now. His fingers took on a feather touch as they started dancing on her glistening bare back which peeked through her little black dress! The soft movements set her body on fire as each movement had him pulling her closer and closer till she almost felt their bodies were merged together.

He bent his head to now kiss her neck, expertly avoiding her hungry lips as he played a symphony on the swan like neck, his breath making her warm and not in just the places he was touching.  His tongue, all moist and sexy causing a havoc inside her delicate earlobe. The effect was so tantalising that her entire body was shivering in response as his hands made way under her dress from the bare back, caressing her soft hips as her rose buds now wildly aroused literally cried for attention. Moving fluidly with the music, he now turned her around, his erect manhood pushing into her hips, making her ebullient and satisfied that he was in the same state as her.

Her waist fit in snugly in his possessive arm, the other moving towards her breasts, pressing them gently, arousing and pampering them, giving the nipples the love they needed, as they tried hard to push through the soft transparent fabric of her dress, as if demanding to be noticed, which he pressed gently but firmly between the fingers, crushing and rubbing them. His lips were on her neck again, wet, tongue now moving faster as the pace of the music picked up. To everyone else on the floor, they were just dancing but she knew how he was making her body dance to his tunes. The fast paced Latino music started, with him holding her with her feet arched as he twirled and ended with her leg resting on her knee. In that split time, his hands moved inside her dress, feeling her wetness as he made her gasp when he inserted his fingers in her wetness.

She had been a spectator too long but now she would show her charm and she held one hand and kept the other on his chest as it slid slowly beneath his shirt, feeling his body, hard and strong as it aroused her further knowing what was in store. Her lips greedy and hungry to feel his tongue, now ravaged his lips like a starving wrench who would do anything for that mere morsel. The kiss lit them up like fire, bodies grinding against each other, as her breasts crushed against his chest, skin creating sexual sparks and his manhood threatening to free itself from the constraints if it did not get it’s hunt soon. He looked curious and hopeful, staring into her wild and crazy eyes, which had taken on a life of it’s own as she directed him towards a pillar and they moved behind it.

She couldn’t wait any longer and now unzipped his pants and freed his erection as he turned her against the pillar, his hands on her breasts, crushing them like crazy as the beats of fast paced music continued taking the pace higher. He lifted her dress and first massaged her wetness, fingering her lips, running his fingers on the moist awakened rose buds which had been craving for the touch. His fingers found way inside her wet heaven as he moved them the way she wanted him to. Her moans and drugged eyes made him want to please her even more and he continued the strumming of his fingers, as she went higher and higher, stretching her lithe body to keep in pace with the current it threw up.

She seemed in a sublime state of her own, moaning louder with each thrust so he lightly covered her mouth with his hands as she continued to let the lava erupt from within her. She was hot, steamy and filled with juices. He felt her shuddering her release as she came into his fingers, her body jerking and trembling. Her orgasmic reactions aroused him even further as he pushed his rock hard erection into her while standing and continued pushing in frenzy to the music. The tempo kept moving higher and higher and it felt like their movements were mirrored by the music when finally, the song ended on a high with a bang of the drums as both found their release against the mirrored pillar!

She stood breathless, but satiated, he stood leaning against her body, panting as he felt himself calm down from the frenzied madness which they both had just experienced. The sudden silence jolted them to reality. She straightened her dress, ran her fingers to get her hair in place, rubbed her fingers on her lips to make sure all stains were wiped off. The music came on again and he asked flirtatiously and hopefully, mademoiselle care for another dance? She laughed and gave him a tantalizing kiss on his lips and said, I would surely love another dance with you but you see, my husband’s just entered and I need to spend my valentine with him. He stood watching as she moved out from behind the pillar, hips swaying, walking her way to the corner table to greet her husband with a welcoming kiss.

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