Will love you till the end

I just want to tell you nothing, you don’t want to hear

Oh why don’t you just take me where I’ve never been before

I know you want to hear me catch my breath, I’ll love you till the end…

                                                                         -Pogues (P.S. I LOVE YOU)

She stood staring angrily at the waves, smoking, in the dark lonely moonlit night. Her Women entrepreneur award carelessly thrown on the sand. She needed this smoke, not for the kick it gave her but because it smelt like him. Just like the tiny dab of Acqua she applied on her wrist every morning, letting his  scent enveloped her like his hug. But today he hadn’t come. Her longing eyes never left  the doorway waiting for his smiling eyes to look at her encouragingly and say, that’s my girl! I knew it baby, you deserve this one so much!! She kept waiting but no, he did not turn up. The award felt empty and useless and just as she picked it up and was about to throw it into the sea, she felt him embrace her from behind as his soothing voice whispered in her ears…congratulations love. This one was always yours!

Her entire body relaxed like magic as she said tearfully, you were not there. He replied, kissing her softly on her neck in his seductive voice, I was there love, all throughout…right behind you. You just had to turn. She now shivered as he kissed her earlobe and his breath felt like warm and fuzzy in her ears. She wanted to turn and hug him hard but he did not let her. His kisses continued on her neck, his hand on her waist as he lightly stroked the royal blue satin dress which hugged her body in all the right places. It sent a current through her body. She wanted to move but he didn’t let her. His tongue was now rolling lightly over her neck as his hands teased her breasts, lightly brushing them but still refusing to claim what was already for his taking.

The kisses stopped as he lightly ran a finger down her spine. She arched her back in anticipation. He lightly opened the small satin buttons one by one, all the while his tongue refusing to let even an inch of her flesh feel naked. It was like her back was completed covered by his tongue and all she could do was just quiver in his touch. The dress slid down by itself as the final button opened. And now he turned her to face him. She stood in front of him, wearing his favorite lingerie. She always did. Her eyes were hungry now, she looked wanton in the light as if the waves and moonlight had created some magic. Everything seemed surreal. He looked radiant. She could see his eyes lusty with desire. The feeling gave her all the confidence she needed in this world. He wanted her and she belonged to him completely. She looked towards him expectantly as if asking for more…to fill her with him…to fill the void that no one else could.

He kissed her on her lips now, light kisses which slowly turned deep…it was as if both could merge into each other. The tongues rolled, bodies entwined against each other, both molten fire which couldn’t be doused by anything. He laid her on the sand…the waves rolling in wet them both but nothing mattered. Like a firefly, he placed light kisses on her stomach , moving  towards her breast. She had surrendered now. He unhooked her bra and looked longingly as her arched and tight nipples and now took one in his mouth. His tongue played with the nipples lightly and wonderfully that all she could do was moan. She was so wet and so ready for him but he wasn’t going to give in so easily. He now sucked at the other nipple, and his hands moved towards her thighs…she gasped as his hands slid right where she wanted them. Trembling with desire, she wished this torture would never end but needed the release. She wanted to unite with him like nothing else ever could.

She now took him towards her and with the waves sweeping over them, guided him inside and finally calmed as he enveloped her in his love. No matter how hard the world might try to convince her that departed souls never return, but she knew that he had never left…he was always with her and every time she called out to him, he would fill her up with every inch of him, assuring her again and again that no matter how hard things got for her, she would only love him till the end.


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  1. Loved the part where the heart longs for him… but then the mind knows he wasn’t there.. and then the mind is pleasantly surprised to hear his words.. like the heart always knew he was always thre.. never gone.. never alone…

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