Valentine wishes to thee!!

For all the single princesses who feel they are not deserving or worthy, a very Happy Valentine’s day. Your King is busy building your kingdom for you, cause you deserve the best!!!

The burning rejection you felt don’t mean you need to cry

Those who don’t fit in your aura, deserve no pearls from your eyes

You’re a vibrant ray of sunshine, yellow, glorious and infinite

Infecting the air with freshness, you are a gorgeous, vibrant sight

Those used to the depth of darkness can’t handle the light you see

Cause they crave the black shadows while you are a rainbow filled tree

They say that night and day are two parts inseparable of the whole

But trying to merge these into one, leads to chaos, total loss of control

Each one has our kingdoms,  worlds filled with knights and fools

One might have the golden Khaleesi, while in the other demons rule

Each such amazing land has the queen perched firmly on her throne

Secure and satiated, that she’s the jewel in her King’s crown

The beautiful empress of one land might not fit into another world

Her delicateness unfitting in the snow,  her finger forgetting to twirl

It’s not your place you realize, this knight wasn’t yours to be

Your King is surely another, and he’s still waiting for thee

Fret not, just hold up your head high, settle the crown once again

Cause my girl you are breathtakingly lovely, said even Saint Valentine

And if your King is still at war, creating your kingdom for you

Remind yourself you are worth it, that you so much love you!!







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