There is little for the great part of the history of the world except the bitter tears of pity and the hot tears of wrath!

-Woodrow Wilson

She stood naked in front of the mirror, critically analyzing herself. Did her boobs sag? Her stomach was never toned, and even though she looked so slim, her body had a softness and roundness to it. She really hoped those stretch marks wouldn’t repel him. Should she moisturize herself? Spray herself with perfume? God, going on a date was so difficult? The first date of her life, when she was nearly 40. How should she dress? She owned no hot dresses or sexy clothes. She was a simple woman who had never felt the need for all this, except now.
He was so good looking, so much younger than her, he could have any girl he wanted then why was he pursuing her like this? He said she was a sexy goddess. She had never thought herself that way. He said her kohl filled eyes would make anyone drown in them. Her long curled hair with the silver jewelry she sported made her look like a gypsy. And so her visit to Global Desi had proved fruitful and she found a long beautiful skirt which the saleswoman had insisted she pair with a fitted top which accentuated her figure beautifully. She had added red streaks to her curls…burgundy actually…the hair stylist had stressed, made her look younger and the layers added to her hair had changed her look completely. Strangely she herself was enjoying the attention he gave her. She felt more beautiful and sexy. Married at 18, mother soon after and widowed at 24. Life had been really unfair to her.

A chance encounter on Facebook had introduced her to Ronak. She was so naïve and stupid and he kept on teasing and wooing her till she gave in. Teasing soon turned to sexting which she developed a taste for. He made her feel alive, her body longed for him, had started yearning for the touch she had denied herself for so long. He had the ability to make her crave for him just on chat. His honey smooth words made her body warm and moist as he encouraged her to run her hands on herself and experience heaven. He introduced her to things she had not thought were possible, taking her all the way from erotica to porn without making it seem filthy.

She rang his doorbell. Nervous coming to his house for the first date but he had assured her she would be more comfortable. He opened the door, shirtless, looking like a Greek God. Oh God, he was so sexy, she felt pale and dowdy in comparison. She entered and found the room a bit dark and soft Hindi numbers playing. Her favorite song, so he remembered what she told him. The curtains were drawn and it smelled wonderful. Wine glasses on the center table and a small candle burning. Just the way she had described her fantasy date.

He kissed her on the cheek and she shrunk back nervously. He laughed and now hugged her and suddenly the dam burst and she melted in his embrace. Her body relaxed. It felt so right. They both were a perfect fit. Their bodies completely known to each other. The song changed and came her next favorite…, lag jaa gale…it was as if the universe also wanted her to experience this. He started kissing her gently. Pulled her long and thick curls behind with his hand and started kissing her neck. He now moved to her ears and his breath making her all warm. His hand slowly moved inside her top. Softly caressing her waist while kissing her forehead and cheeks. His hands were magic and her body reacted like a puppet to his fingers. His lips finally came on hers, and it felt like heaven. Their tongues now started playing with each other, she went up on her heels to kiss him harder. Suddenly her body had a life of its own.

He lifted her up on his waist and both continued kissing passionately. She was hungry and greedy for more. He put her down the lounge and now pulled up her top and ran his eyes appreciatively on the sexy body. He unhooked her bra and put his lips on her aroused nipples, slowly sucking and biting, teasing her with his touch. She was so warm and moist and wrapped her legs around him. He now started kissing her stomach and running his lips on her navel. She held her breath in anticipation as he pulled her skirt as she looked nervously but he gave her a reassuring look. The skirt came off and he unbuckled his jeans. He was magnificent and she couldn’t keep her eyes off but was too embarrassed to outright stare.

He now pushed her further back on the sofa and started kissing her thighs. She was moaning and this encouraged him to bury his face deeper in her womanhood, taking her higher and higher while she tightened her legs around his head in a tight embrace when suddenly he let out a loud scream while she looked satiated and triumphant. His eyes were confused as she kept stabbing his back with the dagger in her hand and his back was filled with blood when he finally rolled over and lay dead on the floor. She was completely calm. She got up, wore her clothes and collecting her things, walked out of the room. She had not touched a single thing so she was not worried.

Finally her daughter’s soul would be free. The 16 year old had fallen for Ronak’s charm on a dating site and trying to impress him had done whatever he had asked of her for the next few months, finally killed herself in guilt after learning she was pregnant. He had scorned her saying he slept with girls like her every day and wouldn’t be marrying such sluts. The poor kid had slit her wrists with just one word, sorry mom, I failed you. It had taken her 6 months of research and a complete makeover to make him fall for her but she wanted to avenge her daughter in the just the way he had tormented her. Her daughter was not a slut, just a fool in love. The law would never get her justice but a mother could and she was satisfied that she had not failed her daughter.


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