In the sea of malice envy frequently gets out of her depth; and whilst she is expecting to see another drowned, she is either drowned herself or dashed against a rock.

The bedroom smelled fragrant, light scented candles burning at various places. Fresh flowers placed here and there. It was perfect. Just the way a first night should be. She had planned everything so well, right down to the first detail. The wedding, the clothes, the guest list, the food and so she deserved all the right to plan the first night as well. She was an independent woman who didn’t want to let a lazy man spoil the experience by lack of planning. The wedding had taken up a year of her life and finally the goal was this one mating and it had to be perfect.

She was wearing Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie. It had taken her weeks of searching for the perfect one. Deep maroon satin, interspersed with the right amounts of net. Set off her curves perfectly. Cupped her boobs gently but barely covering the nipples. It had taken weeks of hard training to come up to this shape. But it was worth it. After all, it was the most important day of her life and it deserved all her hard work. There was faint instrumental playing in the background. The room was dark with the candles throwing just the right amount of light. She was sprawled on the bed on her back like a vision and she knew it.

The lock clicked and turned, she now felt nervous. The door opened and he stood like a beast on the door. She felt so nervous, unsure on what she was to do to make this wedding night a night to remember. He shut the door and now walked inside. The music, the candles, the fragrance all heavy with expectant to what was to follow. He was still in his groom attire. The sherwani hugging his body in a perfect fit. He was such a delicious looking man, no matter what he wore. She had been unable to stop staring at him throughout the wedding. She flushed with the memory.

He sat on the bed while she still lay on her back, unable to look up in nervousness. He bent down and slowly started kissing her on the nape on her neck. She trembled. His breath felt all warm and fuzzy while his lips started playing all over her neck. His hands moving along her back, feeling the soft satin caress itself on her soft skin. She glowed in the dim light. He now started kissing her back and slowly his hands moved beneath her satin slip. He turned her slightly and moved his hands to feel her soft breasts. The candles had now started extinguishing one by one and the room was now darker. The faint light of the window as there was to it.

She now turned and started unbuttoning his sherwani, the insatiable urge of feeling his naked torso on her body made her haste obvious but he slowed her down. He took her hands and slowly started licking each finger. The feeling ran through her body like a shiver. He removed his sherwani in one quick motion and soon his naked body shone in the darkness. She started kissing him slowly, running her tongue on his nipples. His hands were moving all over body, making her feel both hot and cold when suddenly he tore open her nightgown. He pulled her face up and started kissing her on her lips. Their tongues playing wildly with each other as the lips pounding and pulsating. She was grinding against his erectness, loving the touch, proud of the fact that she was responsible for it.

He now pushed her against the bed and started running his lips on her nipples. Then slowly started sucking the first one. Her back arched out as the sensation drove her crazy. He then moved to the other side. Her hands were in his head while clutched him to keep her sanity alive. He now slowly moved downwards, dropping kisses on her belly while massaging her boobs. She felt hot and wet and her body suddenly had a life of its own as his head went lower and lower, teasing with his tongue, igniting every bit of her skin and finally his tongue found what was eagerly waiting in anticipation when she finally exploded.

She trembled and shivered while he held her close, wanting her to calm down but not ending it as yet. She had not known a better feeling and even though her body couldn’t bear it any longer, her mind refused to stop wanting and anticipating more as he swiftly turned her around and entered her without any gentleness, thrusting hard while she arched and pushed herself more, wanting it to never end. Both kept peaking and rolling towards their heights and finally climaxed together, trembling and convulsing as the beads of sweat glistened all over their bodies in spite of the chilled temperature.

Now as they rested satisfied and satiated on the bed, he turned and whispered sweetly in her ear, I was waiting for this for so long and I never imagined it would be so good. She turned and said, so was I sweetheart. Waiting for so long to feel this way. He was shocked to hear the voice and switched on the lamp to see his wife’s sister on the bed with him. She smiled back and said, she’s waiting for you in the next room. Will you go there or prefer having her here? He was shocked. He had not realized all this in the darkness and she laughed triumphantly, your wife always felt she was the best, prettier, thinner and intelligent and no matter how hard I tried I could only be the second best. Always got her hand me downs or used things. You rejected me for her remember? I envied her forever but now I’m satisfied knowing she will forever have my hand me down to live with. Now our scores are finally even.

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