That destructive siren, Sloth, is ever to be avoided!

It was finally his favorite time of the day. The dull rainy afternoon, with the curtains pulled over the windows making the room seem mysterious and dark. He knew she liked it dark, and mysterious. She was not like the other girls who liked silly romantic things and candles and shit! She was a temptress, a siren. She knew she had the ability to make any man fall to her knees. She was unlike anyone he had ever met, or rather seen and now was his time with her. He worshiped her like a Goddess and was ready to do anything that she demanded him to! Never in his wildest fantasy had he thought that a fat slob like him could charm this hot Queen. Princess was too mild a word for her. She ruled and she knew how to make her slaves bow down to her. He had willingly become her slave.

The room was completely silent as he heard a slight click, she was here. His face red with anticipation and eyes hungry with desire as he turned to watch her. She entered the room, sexy and strong, dressed in a short black skirt and a skimpy gold top. On another woman it might look cheap but on her, it just highlighted her well endowed body, covered her assets just as much necessary but leaving room for anyone’s imagination to go wild. She was like a wild jungle queen as she walked in and stood one leg resting on the bed, black leather boots plastered on them. He knew what she wanted and he would please her for sure. She said not a word but he started unzipping her boots with his mouth. Slowly, pulling the zipper down with his lips while allowing his tongue to run over the skin as it was exposed. The zipper reached the end and he now took her beautiful foot out of the shoe.

She was oh so soft as he caressed her foot lovingly, rubbing her soles to bring them to life freed from the confinement and sucking the toes and each of the fingers, lusciously, letting them fill his mouth, running his tongue all over it, as if he couldn’t have enough of it. She still looked unaffected. She pushed him behind and sat on the bed now, pushing his face towards the other shoe. Kneeling on the on the ground, he waited for her approval like an adoring puppy. She arched her back as if to relax it, her breasts thrusting out, as if tired of being restrained in her blouse. He again pulled down the zip of the other shoe while getting a bit more bolder and nipping and licking her beautiful toned legs. She used her other foot to tease him, rubbing her toe along his neck, sending shivers along his body. She was a temptress and he had become her easy prey. Her raised legs gave him the view of the heaven he wanted to explore. It lay open, inviting and uncovered.

The boots were now off and she wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled him towards herself. She knew he loved being straddled. He raised his hands and trying hard not to offend her gently pulled her top off and freed her ample breasts which called out to him to give them their share of pampering. His hands ran gently on one breast, massaging it while she looked lost in her own world, with eyes eyes shut as he understood she was now enjoying this. He opened the jar of flavored nipple balm that he had kept specially for her. He massaged first gently, then slightly squeezing her nipples and finally running both hands together on her, his movement growing bolder and stronger as he crushed them and grappled them while she now lay sprawled comfortably on the bed. The caramel flavored gel made her luscious breasts look glossy and he knew she would enjoy it being licked off her which he then started to lick off, making her moan in ecstasy. Her moaning felt like music to his ears.

She now needed freedom from her clothes which he understood and pulled off her short skirt in one swift tug! His goddess lay naked in her full glory and now he started worshiping her thighs, his tongue leaving no inch of her fabulous legs as slowly he reached her wet and wild rose buds which were completely awakened and hungry for his touch. She was completely full of her juices and now he decided to show her who was really in charge. She might be the queen but every dog had his day. He expertly let his tongue and teeth work his magic on her nectar filled buds till she was writhing and trembling all over. His hands continued massaging her breasts while his tongue did not stop for a second till she had to plead to him to give her the release she so craved her and had now just surrendered to him.

While her body still shook in orgasmic waves, he swiftly tied her hands gently with a scarf he had on the bed and raised them over her head. His hands now took on brutish strength as he started grinding her butt making her shudder and taking her even higher with the change of role he was displaying. He himself was completely ready, and he unbuttoned himself, freed his manhood and rubbed himself to get himself harder and bigger than what she thought he was and as her body arched in it’s glorious nakedness. Then without giving her any signal, in one swift movement, he entered her hard as she gasped in shock and started thrusting himself. His heavy body spread over hers, filled with sweat as he panted and continued the grind, rubbing his naked body over her messy skin. He could feel her spiralling high into heaven with him till he finally emptied himself into her, He always let her feel she was in control but finally he was her Master. Now finally satisfied, he pulled his pants on and clicked the mouse as the display went off, the naked girl on the screen fading away.

He had always been rejected and let down by girls and women for being fat or nerdy or geeky. His friendly overtures always ridiculed and insulted by those bitches and with time had realized that he had stopped wanting these women. He had the ability to get any woman when and how he wanted and so now he did not even feel the need to get out of this dark, cable filled room which was lit up with nothing but the light of the computers and the hum of the CPU running always. To others this room might seem like a messy, dirty, dark dungeon where he lived in isolation but he felt safest and warmest in his virtual world where hot women finally understood who was in charge! And all he had to do was just punch in his credit card details!

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