“Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust.” 
― Marquis de Sade

She was obsessed by it. It was like the thought refused to leave her mind, like a devil which had taken over her soul. Every waking hour she longed for the touch on her skin and at nights when she forced her mind to sleep, it haunted her, tormenting her mind. She had never longed for anything like this. Was this what they meant by lusting.  And now it was so close, her wait was finally ending.  She just hoped that fate wouldn’t play another cruel joke on her and deprive her of what her body craved like oxygen.  She knew she deserved it. All those endless hours of putting up with what she hated, just to satisfy her desire.  And she very well knew how to do it. She understood desires and thus made herself as desirable as she could.

She stood in front of the dressing table, finishing her make up. She was wearing the skimpiest and sexiest  bra with thongs and fishnet stockings. High heels made her long and toned legs even longer. She had a flat stomach, which she worked so hard to keep in shape. After all it was important she looked hot and sexy. She had to be desirable.  Her makeup was perfect and she finished spraying the perfume.  Today was an important day and nothing, absolutely nothing was going to spoil it. Now all she was waiting was for the bell to ring. She dimmed the lights, putting on just one lamp and tucked the bed sheet in place.

The bell rang and she opened the door.  He smelled completely of alcohol and tobacco and looked absolutely sloshed. He leered lustily seeing her legs. She shut the door and started walking towards the bedroom.  He put his hand out and held her hand with all force and pushed her against the wall. He was huge and filled with brutish strength. He started kissing her hard and hungrily that her lips were almost bitten.  Her eyes smirked with tears. But she controlled herself reminding herself that this is what she wanted. He continued ravaging her. His teeth biting her neck, shoulders and without any gentleness, just tore of her bra and started sucking madly on her breasts.

Her eyes were shut throughout as she continued consoling her mind. He now pushed her hard on the bed where she fell hard. He removed his shirt and trousers and pulled off the remaining clothes she had on her body.   Move your hands bitch, he growled! Don’t lie here like a dead body!  It’s like fucking a corpse! She knew that she had to please him, it was important.  He couldn’t be angry with her.  She started kissing him and running her tongue on his body and he held her by her hair and pulled her up hard, do I have to teach you now, you whore!

Her eyes were filled with tears of humiliation as she went down on him and finally satisfied him to what he was expecting of her till he finally fell into dead sleep. While he lay snoring as she picked up the tattered remains of all her clothes. There were bruises all over her body. Deep purple marks that hurt her as she touched them. She applied ointment hoping they would disappear soon. She had to look presentable for the next man. God, let him wake up soon so she could leave. He woke up and threw a stack on notes on the bed. I’ll be back next week bitch and this time I expect a better job.  I can get two for the money I spend on you, he sneered as he walked out of the door and she sighed in relief.

She rushed inside the store in the high end luxury mall which was soon on the verge of closing down. Ma’am, there’s this beautiful suede camel overcoat I had seen, could I please have it. Size 8, I’d like to try it please. The saleswoman brought her the soft camel colored overcoat which she tried on and finally felt peace within herself. The coat covered every part of her body and made her feel warm inside. This was the touch she was yearning for and even though she had to bare and torture her body for these luxuries,  it was still worth it. Her lust for luxuries made her feel the lady she had wanted to be since her impoverished childhood.  And as long as she was young and sexy, she would never be deprived of anything again!


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