Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts a person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom

The enigmatic aging diva lay sprawled on her couch, dressed in a ravishing lavender dress, waiting for the young genius filmmaker to walk in. He had taken the entire community by storm with his radical film making ideas and now he wanted her to star in his next film. The ambiance was perfect and she blended seamlessly in the picture like she belonged no where else. The man walked in, his shorts and running shoes highlighting the fact that he exercised. He smelt of sweat and high energy and mischievously he told her how she was responsible for all his wet dreams from childhood! Sudden heat and moistness hit her rose buds without any warning, surprising her of the desire she felt for his fit, young body. He was brash, wicked and sexy.

His film was about the journey of stardom of an old fading beauty who would go to any extent to claim her position. Without another thought she said yes, after all the concept hit the mark, how could it not, it seemed her own story. The adoration was obvious in his eyes and she took full advantage identifying the lust he felt for her. She stood up gracefully, lithe and smooth with panther like movements and sat next to him, pulling the file from his hands, intentionally brushing hands with him. Her thigh now exposed as the dress had pushed upwards brushed against his hairy legs as she appeared nonchalant to the effect. Her abundant cleavage was in full display and she could feel his eyes scorching her body with desire. His body stiffened in surprise as her hand lay effortlessly on his knees, trying to read the pages he held open. He continued reading as she shut the script from where he had barely read a few lines.

She smiled her famous charming smile which had held the nation captive till now and said, I don’t think we need this. I need to know your vision of my role. hand moving upwards his thighs. Suddenly there was no nervousness on his face as it metamorphosised from a young boy to a develish man. Ma’am, I hope you are comfortable with a little nudity, I’m aiming at international festivals and my protagonist is a bold, sexy and outspoken woman. I’ve spoken to another top star but she seemed apprehensive…this made her pull back her head and laughter filled the room. I’m happy to see how the film culture is changing. Why be ashamed of what’s our need, of what the world desires. And in one instant, her dress slipped off as she stood in glorious nakedness, sculpted like a marble statue.

Her delicate, milky white shoulders gleaming as he saw her full, high, round and firm breasts but he knew even without the evidence of his hands, they were also soft as pillows but sleek as satin as her dark rose petal soft aerolas beckoned him inviting to taste their juices as her nipples tightened to the gaze of his eyes. Her curvy waist seemed smooth like a marble statue which was blemish less as it continued to merge into her beautiful thighs, which lay protective of her aroused femininity as it yearned for attention, gleaming and wet as if demanding to be pampered by his touch. Her long toned legs continued forever, ending on her delicate, fragile feet, toenails painted a deep red.

The vision took him back to being a 15 year old who couldn’t control his desires. He lost all control as his hands pounced on her breasts and he started kissing her roughly. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, his hands kneading her breast while the other holding her hips tightly so she couldn’t move. Her eyes looked triumphant as if they’d hit her mark as she continued letting him live his childhood fantasy. He now slowed down as his lips moved towards her delicate neck which was porcelain white as he started spreading kisses all over it. His fingers had now moved to her moist lips and were rubbing her with just the right feeling she wanted. Her body was all ready but he couldn’t get enough of it. His lips moved towards her breasts as he took one erect nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it, while rubbing the second nipple between his fingers. She stood triumphant aware the victim could not be free of this black widow now.

He lay her on the sofa as he started devouring her body thirstily. His tongue making circles on her back as one hand slowly kneaded her hips while the other continued their journey in her wet moist opening making her gasp in pleasure. He himself was hard as a rock now and pulled off his shorts, freeing his erection and nudging her anal opening with his manhood. She lay pleased, aware that she still had the magic to get any man she wanted. Turning she pushed him back down on the sofa and took his manhood in her hand and started stroking it as his eyes closed in anticipation and put his member in her mouth as she started using her tongue and mouth expertly, making him moan and gasp in pleasure. He continued bulging and growing in her mouth when she pulled him out as he hated the interruption and deftly pushed him inside her, straddling him, her breasts swinging against his face.

She rose up and down like a woman possessed as she could sense him building up like a volcano. His eyes were maniacal now as he pushed her off and turned her on her back on her knees on the sofa and pushed himself inside her anus with complete brute strength which made her scream in pain and shock but she continued enjoying the torturous magic, her own body writhing and squirming in anticipation, fueled by the fact that this could help her achieve her goal. She had been fading away into oblivion and she was greedy for the fame and lights again and surely this was a small price to pay. Hell, he could take her any way he wanted, but put her back on the silver screen again. She yearned for the awards, the attention and the hungry eyes of all her fans.

He was young and had the energy and brute strength of a raging bull as he kept pounding into her, confusing her with wanting it to end or wanting more. His movements getting rougher and rougher till he finally finished, pouring his hot seeds inside her, leaving her with a hopeful glint in her eye. Both lay exhausted and shattered as he exclaimed, I had never thought you would be so hot! She purred her approval, running her soft hands on his chest as he continued, so it’s done then! You’ll play the older aged diva, the younger you will be played by the leading actress of the year, and you know, the resemblance is uncanny. Her hands stiffened in shock as reality hit her hard as he continued, And everyone says she is super sexy but honestly, you are a better fuck than her!!!



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