“Gluttony- that’s my vice and curse. I want too much of everything. Books…love…music…color and form…Philosophy…Travel…adventure…the result of this is the indiscriminate and promiscuous splaying of my energies…wanting all, I accomplish nothing, desiring everything, I satisfy nothing and am satisfied by nothing”

Edward Abbey

The melted chocolate simmered on the stove, bubbles popping up lazily, smelling delicious. The cupcakes lined the counter, naked and stark, freshly out of the oven. They needed the coating of the rich, sinful, dripping molten magic to bring them to life. To give them the chance of being filled up by the most amazing nectar of all. Each pore dripping and bursting with sin, not too less, not too much, just as it should be. Just the way she had been filled. Her naivete and simplicity transformed into longing for exploration of all the carnal senses. Those which she had kept buried for so long but which now threatened to erupt beyond control.

She had never been greedy, always satisfied by the simple pleasures life had offered her. Until he invaded her sanctity. Smooth like milk chocolate, he had seamlessly made himself a part of her palette, slowly making her taste all the shades of temptations from white to dark to mint to madness. He teased the virginity of tender chocolate by dripping and blending it with rum or whiskey which released all the suppressed  inhibitions and gave it a life of it’s own. A baker she had been, but a connoisseur he turned out to be. He entered her vanilla life and turned it into the most delectable and tantalizing creation. Sinful, inducing lust, creating cravings and leaving her always wanting for more. 

She put the pot of chocolate down when the door knob clicked open. And she was ready for him, oh so ready. He walked into the kitchen and gave his sexy disarming smile. His aura brightened up everything. The kitchen suddenly felt warmer and smaller. He kept the car keys on the platform and came towards her. She stood back against the kitchen platform while he scanned the cupcakes. So these need frosting girl, they need love. She nodded and looked hungrily at him and then the chocolate. Her bra less nipples straining against her t shirt as he stood close to her but not touching. He pressed a cupcake to check the softness and it felt as if his hands were on her breasts.

He now dipped the wooden spoon in the chocolate sauce and checked the consistency. Warm and smooth, just right for what he had in mind. Looking into her awesome eyes, he dipped his hand totally into the pot and rolled it completely. A gasp emerged from her throat now, waiting and wanting. His hand now went under her thin t shirt and he started rubbing her breasts with the warm molten chocolate. Finally she thought, as the touch gave shivers to her body. Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for this. Pushing himself against her, he started licking off the chocolate from her body. His tongue teasing her nipples as it flickered here and there making her go crazy but this was just the beginning. The t shirt came off in a second and now his hands took on more chocolate and covered her entire tummy with it.

His tongue kept running over her stomach, teeth giving small nips as she sighed and moaned in ecstasy. He now unbuttoned her shorts as it fell and his fingers moved towards her thighs. The Kahlua on the platform found it’s way to his mouth which he placed upon her lips and gave her drop by drop, making her both thirsty, wild and hungry for more. Slowly baby, don’t be a glutton. Savor and taste each drop, let it heat the blood. His fingers found her wetness as he dipped his fingers into the warm chocolate and added to the already moist heaven. She couldn’t not hurry, she wanted more, she was a glutton, but that was because he was such a treat. 

He now lifted her and placed her on the kitchen platform, all covered in wet chocolate. Her eyes were pleading for more as his lips moved towards her thighs and tongue took over licking off the sin inducing wet chocolate which had become her addiction and weakness. His tongue continued the magic till she was finally shaking all over and felt totally consumed. Zoned and helpless, a zombie in his hands, wanting to end the torture but now prepared to take on even more. She looked at him intoxicated as the tables turned and her fingers went towards his shirt buttons. She was a glutton who could not get enough. He made her taste what he had to offer and now she was consumed with insatiable hunger which only he could satiate.

His shirt came off as surrendered himself in her hands which continued ravaging the gorgeous toned flesh on display. Now her lips filled with chocolate were bent on pleasuring him. His pants were off and she took his glorious erect manhood in her hand as she smiled wickedly, dipped her hand in the chocolate bowl, and brazenly continued smearing his member with the sinful indulgence she had so enjoyed. He stood eyeing her as she took him into her mouth, enjoying the mind blowing taste of both him and the chocolate, her mouth taking on a life of it’s own as she continued licking and sucking him, teasing with her mischief and leaving him wanting for more.

Taking him so close to heaven and then leaving him dry, her laughter ringing in the background, he had to show her who was the man and he turned her around, holding her tightly in his arms, her hips pressed against his erection and entered her from behind, his fingers rubbing her rose buds which were aroused and ready to be take on more. He went in an out of her as she kept soaring higher and higher while his fingers strummed her like a guitar finally making both of them erupt in a symphony of magic, reaching their highest peaks together. She felt triumphant and satiated, but still a glutton for more. 

His knowing smile assured her this was just the beginning of this wonderful afternoon and there was so much more the day had lined up. The bottle of Kahlua filled her eyes with a glint of mischief as she turned to him, holding up the bottle seductively. Vanilla might rule the world but it was chocolate which gave it the depth and intensity it needed! Gluttony might be a sin but who could resist it when the sins gave more pleasure than any virtue could. And every time she tasted the sin, it left her wanting for so much more!




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